Alexa Blitz – Be part of the rebellion!

Alexa Blitz

This is your chance: Help this female comic book anti-hero to conquer the big screen!

Our goal: Let’s finally bring a lesbian comic book hero to the big screen! – She would be one of the few LGBTQ heroes out there. This way we could make a statement for equality!

We want to create a film where comic and reality melt together to form a unique story. A story about an anti-hero, who fights for what she loves – and against what she hates. You will follow ALEXA BLITZ: the female lead of our story. 

Alexa is the leader of a gang of young outcasts who have taken it upon themselves to track down and punish criminals. The gang sees the current justice system as a failure, that’s why they take the law into their own hands.

Alexa Blitz Posters

Every night Alexa dresses up using a snow-white wig, ice-blue contact lenses and flashy makeup to transform into her role as the judge over the scum of society.

But by daylight she’s a completly different person and in many aspects the opposite of her other personality. Her real name is Sasha Pavlov. She’s a 20 year old young woman with russian descent and a fragile soul, that is still fighting with the demons of her past… 

Follow Alexa trough the dirty streets of Berlin. Only you can bring this project to life! 


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