About Me

So far, I have made four short films, two of them in german, one without dialogue and my latest film „.tibbar“ is my first short in english. It was the first time I tried to make a comedy movie, which has been a great challenge for me, because I never thought I’d be good at making a funny film. To my surprise I am happy with the result and look forward to trying out different genres

A lot of my inspiration comes from directors like Paul Greengrass , who approaches movies in a more realistic way, with a style similar to documentaries. In general I also love movies like „The Neon Demon“ by Nicolas Winding Refn, which are visually stunning.

Young movie director, Antoine Matuttis, on the film set of "Bitte benehmt euch", a german short film.

Here is a list of the things that I have created or was helping to create. But you can also see on which projects I am currently working on.




.tibbar (Short film) – Producer + Director + Screenwriter

Project D (Short Documentary) – Director (with Sejad Ademovic)


Bitte benehmt euch (Short film) – Producer + Director + Screenwriter (with Sejad Ademovic)

Rust (Short film) – Director + Actor + Composer (with Katharina Hauser)

The Best For You (Short film) – Producer + Director + Screenwriter



Photoshooting: Red Light – Photographer

Photoshooting: Amanda Wine – Drag Queen (Part One & Part Two) – Photographer

Photoshooting: Dominik Berberich (Part One & Part Two) – Photographer

Video for “Staufener Stadtgeschichten 2018” (Andreas Müller) – Camera & Editing

Fanmade: STAR WARS Music Video (Performance by Anja-Maria Howe) –Camera & Editing

Video for “Kijong-Dong” (Performance by Impala / Karolin Stächele) – Camera & Editing

Video for “Oberflächenspannung (Performance by Lea Torcelli) – Camera & Editing


Photoshooting: Francesco Forini – Photographer

Photoshooting: Katharina Hauser (Part One & Part Two) – Photographer



The Future (Music album) – Singer-Songwriter

Photoshooting: Luisa Golubev (Part One & Part Two) – Photographer




Car Crash (Music video) – Director

Much Money (Music video) – Director

Smile (Music album) – Singer-Songwriter



Schicksal Nicht (Music video) – Creator (with Martin Hug & Wanja Nöthig)

On The Road (Music video) – Creator (with Martin Hug & Wanja Nöthig)

On The Road (Music album) – Singer-Songwriter




BLCKJNGE (Short film by Sejad Ademovic) – Cinematographer / DOP

Im Rauschen (Short film by Simon Schneckenburger) – 2nd assistant to the director



Violett (Short film by Alexander Weigand) –2nd assistant to the director



Riverside (Short film by Heinrich Hummel) – Creative advice



Single Night (Short film by Heinrich Hummel) – Sound + Assistant editor

SUMMARY – Crafts & Fields


DIRECTING & PRODUCING short films, music videos and other short videos (.tibbar ; Rust ; Bitte benehmt euch ; The Best For You ; … )

SCREENPLAY WRITING (All my short films and some others I haven’t shot yet)

WORKING AS A DOP  AND CAMERA OPERATOR  (in short films: “BLCKJUNGE” by Sejad Ademaj, “Rust”, “The Best For You”)

ASSISTING OTHER DIRECTORS (“Im Rauschen” by Simon Schneckenburger, “Riverside” and “Single Night” by Heinrich Hummel)

VIDEO EDITING(All my short films & most of my short videos and music videos)

COLOR GRADING (“Rust”, “The Best For You”, “Fanmade Star Wars Video”)

COMPOSING FILM MUSIC (“.tibbar”, “Rust”, “The Best For You” with Laura Schmidt and Johannes Lackner)

ACTING at least a little bit in a short film and theatre (Rust)

RECORDING, EDITING AND MIXING SOUND especially for short films
(“.tibbar” [only sound editing], “The Best For You”, “Single Night” by Heinrich Hummel… )

BASIC ANIMATION (Adobe After Effects)


PHOTOGRAPHY (nature, urban, abstract and portrait)

IMAGE EDITING & GRAPHIC DESIGN (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator)

PAINTING & DRAWING (since I was a kid)

COMPOSING GUITAR MUSIC aswell as singing

BASIC WEB DESIGN (WordPress, Klynt)



  • working in the lighting department
  • voice acting
  • modeling
  • hosting a show / event
  • composing electronic music
  • making a graphic novel
  • advanced animation (cartoon…)